Disability insurance

A disability – whether it’s sudden or because of a degenerative condition – can rob
you of your ability to earn a living. Disability insurance is a type of coverage that gives you protection against the chance of losing income if you become disabled and you are not able to pay your expenses.

Your earning potential is a far more valuable asset than your automobile or your home. Disability insurance is designed to protect you from the possible loss of income. What’s the possibility of this happening? It’s more than you’d imagine. Why should you consider it? It’s the only sure way to provide guaranteed coverage and guaranteed premiums.

 What’s the possibility of this happening?

Chances of becoming disabled for 3 months or longer before age 65*

Percentage   58%   54%   50%   48%   40%   30%   23%
Age   25   30   35   40   45   50   55

* Derived from 1985 Commissioners Individual Disability Table A.

Why should you consider a personal disability insurance plan?

Worker’s Compensation only covers work related accidents.

Unemployment insurance only covers 15 weeks.

Canada Pension Plan: Are you comfortable relying on the government for a benefit that can change?

Group and association coverage can fill a valuable role in long-term disability protection. However, the benefit may be limited by the definition of disability and coverage amount.

Remember, a custom designed individual disability insurance plan will provide you with guaranteed coverage and guaranteed premiums.

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