Permanent life insurance

Lifetime insurance protection – guaranteed!

Permanent life insurance policies do not expire; they are intended to protect your loved ones permanently. Some types of these policies accumulate cash value, although they should not be purchased solely for that use, since their primary purpose is to provide protection. Permanent life insurance policies have variations. Your insurance agent can provide you with specific details to help you choose the policy that best serves your needs. If you value added security, flexibility, cash value and lifetime coverage, some form of permanent life insurance may be right for you.

Permanent life insurance snapshot:

  •  Protection for life, as long as you pay your premiums
  •  Can build equity in the form of a cash value
  •  Offers flexibility and many options to choose from
  •  Initially higher premiums than term life insurance, but more cost-effective in the long run


Term and Permanent life together. Don’t think that you’re limited to one or the other; you may find that a combination of term and permanent life meets your needs best. For example, the foundation of your life insurance plan could be permanent life, supplemented by term life during your family-building, mortgage-paying years when coverage needs are typically higher