You do your best to get the most out of each day – making healthy decisions and taking care of yourself and the people you love. But as much as we all try to avoid it, an accident or illness can happen to anyone…at any time.

During your working years, it’s important to focus on protecting your family income. As you move toward retirement, it becomes more important to protect the financial resources you’ve worked so hard to build. Health insurance can help you cover the costs of care and recovery so you can focus on what matters most – getting better.

There are 4 types of health insurance – offering different protection through each stage of your life.

Personal health insurance Disability insurance Critical illness insurance Long term care insurance
What does this cover?
  • Medical, dental and other expenses not covered or not fully covered by your provincial or employer plan
  • It replaces a portion of your income if you’re unable to work
  • Expenses related to coping with and recovering from a serious illness
  • Cost of your care over a lengthy period
When does a benefit become payable to me?
  • When you incur eligible expenses
  • When you’re unable to work as defined by the coverage you’ve chosen
  • When you are diagnosed with and meet the requirements of a covered condition
  • When you’re unable to perform two or more activities of daily living or require continual supervision due to deterioration in mental abilities
How is the benefit paid to me?
  • Reimbursement of eligible expenses that you submit
  • You receive a recurring monthly payment
  • You receive a lump sum cash payment
  • Reimburses your expenses or pays a benefit
  • May be a regular recurring payment or a reimbursement style plan to cover the cost of care
When should I consider coverage?
  • You’re a small business owner, self-employed or a contract worker
  • You are leaving group coverage due to retirement or termination
  • You do not have group insurance
  • You’re a working age adult who relies on an income to support your lifestyle
  • You are concerned about protecting your assets during recovery
  • You’re a parent or a grandparent looking to provide lifetime protection for children
  • You want options for care and treatment
  • You want to protect your assets for retirement and/or estate planning
  • You want flexibility and control so you won’t have to rely on the government or others for your care
  • You want freedom and the ability to choose the level of care you need

Did you know?

Health insurance is also known as a “living benefit”. That’s because, unlike life insurance, you’ll receive the money while you’re alive.

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